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Rosalind Morris has served on the editorial boards of several significant interdisciplinary journals and book series.  Curating art, criticism and literature, encouraging experiments in radical thought, and seeking careful attention to the detail of lived experience, she believes editorial work is the basis for intellectual collectivity.

The Africa List is a series of books published by Seagull Books. Founded and edited by Rosalind Morris, the Africa List includes works of literary fiction and non-fiction prose, cultural criticism, and social and political analysis. The series mission is to attract, publish and promote the best and most engaging work produced in Africa, and, occasionally, by writers elsewhere who write about Africa. Beautifully crafted and widely distributed, the books of the Africa List pay tribute to the pleasures of reading and the necessity of thinking — both of and from Africa. Seagull Books is published by Naveen Kishore, and has offices in Calcutta, London and New York. It is distributed in the United States by the University of Chicago Press.